What is RockSteady Junior Triathlon Club?

RockSteady is committed to promoting and developing the sport of triathlon for youth from beginner to elite ability levels. Athletes in the RockSteady program will be given every opportunity to fulfill their maximum potential as triathletes while developing strong character and life skills.  We strive to be the cornerstone youth triathlon team in the Northwest.

Through hard work and fun, athletes will build healthy lifestyles from their experiences in this positive environment for personal growth both in the sport, and in life.

What ages will be training with RockSteady?

RockSteady is focused on developing athletes in the Youth Elite, (13-15), and Junior Elite, (16-19), age groups. The age of the athlete on December 31st of the year is the defining age for these levels. However, we are open to younger athletes that have a competitive swimming background.

Click here for more details on our training groups.

How long is the RockSteady season? What is the race schedule?

The training season (coached team workouts) will begin the third week in March, and will end with the National Championships in early-August. Our training plan centers around two key races – the Monroe Youth/Junior Elite Cup on June 22, and USAT Youth/Junior National Championships in Ohio on August 3rd and 4th. We will also have inter-club races during the season, and attend appropriate local sprint triathlons.

What sorts of equipment is needed to participate?

All athletes will need a road bike, helmet, wetsuit, and running shoes, at a minimum. Training apparel, such as bike shorts and shoes and other items are highly recommended. Click here for a more thorough list of the equipment needed for racing and training.

Recognizing that equipment purchase will be a significant deterrent for some families, we are working on a plan to provide wetsuits and road bikes. We will post details as soon as arrangements are finalized.

If you have equipment that you are willing to donate, please contact the head coach.

Where do you conduct your training sessions?

RockSteady’s main geographic region is South King County and Pierce County. During winter months we will be conducting swim, bike, and strength training at the Auburn YMCA. Once the weather warms up we will be training at a number of the local small lakes, bike trails, rural roads, and even a closed (to vehicles) bike skill training area.

What can I do to help the program?

There are so many ways you can help this program, but the biggest and easiest way to help us is to tell people about us! Let them know about our program, and how they can get their children involved in the sport!

With RockSteady pioneering the sport of Junior Triathlon in the Northwest we have a tremendous need for volunteers with skills in just about any area, from accounting to grant writing to nutrition specialists, etc. Please contact the head coach and we’ll find something for you to do!

What is the cost?

The training fees vary based on the training group you choose. Click here for more details on our training groups.

In addition, there are costs associated with training and racing. We realize that the sport of triathlon has a high start up cost due to the need for a road bike and wetsuit. RockSteady is working very hard to find sponsors to help reduce this startup cost 'sticker shock' for parents that are hesitant to invest hundreds of dollars on a sport that their child might not want to continue after one season.

For these first year athletes, RockSteady has a limited (but growing) inventory of loaner bikes and wetsuits. Email Coach John for details.

On that same note, if you have a bike or wetsuit you would like to donate to the club for this purpose, please contact Coach John.