Our Sponsors

Northwest Tri and Bike Shop

Northwest Tri and Bike is RockSteady's official shop sponsor. RockSteady athletes will receive discounts on all products throughout the year. In addition, there will be special promotions throughout the year for even larger discounts. They also have agreed to host clinics for the team at no charge on topics such as basic bike maintenance, bike sizing, and equipment options.

Auburn Valley YMCA

Because of our rainy winter and springs, much of our early training will need to occur indoors. The Auburn Valley YMCA has partnered with RockSteady, and will open up their facility to us from March through June. The cost of these first four months is included in your RockSteady membership fee. Check out their site to see all they offer!





blueseventy Wetsuits - New in 2014!


Woodcreek Healthcare